The Process

RPS Interiors use modern drawing techniques and each individual piece is designed using AutoCAD which incorporates all the detail to be used in the manufacture.

Drawings and samples of finishes are issued for each piece for client approval.

Once the design and materials to be used are approved, the item is issued to our workshop with an individual drawing, instruction and cutting list.

The first stage of manufacture is for all the raw materials to be milled, this process requires expert selection in timbers and sub-straights to ensure that even when polished the materials are as the selected samples approved.

The item is then passed to a cabinet maker who will be solely responsible for the manufacture that individual piece through the whole time it is in our workshop. This ensures that all elements of the design and manufacture are completed.

The final stage is finishing which may be French polishing or lacquering in our specialised spray booths.

We welcome workshop visits if the client wishes to see their furniture during the production process.

Final inspection is carried out prior to delivery